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Zoom Dear OG poster of this I love you #nohomo

Dear OG poster of this I love you #nohomo

09.04.14 7472


Moving through
The past
That calm stream
Holding hands,
Dropping pebbles in time,
Ripples seperate you and I.
I look just to see you
Running closely behind
Until I turn
Going forward in time

I’m chasing you.

Sudden silence as we mourn for the forgotten.

04.10.14 6


We all need a second chance,
it goes around like that.
Caught in a loving stance
heartbreak, you’ve got a knack,
give a little getting nothing back.

you’re an endless track.

Follow this guy!!

04.01.14 2

Stay the fuck away,
from me and my friends!

04.01.14 0
03.22.14 2
Windswept Heath

I asked you a question,
I was afraid of the response.
Is this an option?
With one sense, 
When its time for everyone to go home.
Friends take leave.
As I sit here alone
Waiting for you
Staring at the phone.

then I realized 
you wont return to this home
with a sigh,
the mind starts to roam.
forming a distant smile,
remembering you,
as my heart begins wander for miles.

03.19.14 3
Zoom andoutcamethewolf:

Fuck I’m crying



Fuck I’m crying


03.14.14 61109
Zoom Something to believe in.

Something to believe in.

03.05.14 22

Just riding round town,
spending time with you.
Making errands into adventures,
staring at you
sitting in those flats.
to nervous to touch you
leaving my mind to wonder.
but I swear,
I’ll get through to you.

one of these days.

03.04.14 1


FUCK THE GRAMMYS!!!! That shit ain’t rap that shits pop… Kendrick should of won….. but Kanye… Drake… Jay Z all got screwed…  They can make this up by giving Kendrick Album of the Year.

So true

01.29.14 1189